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One Day Pressed Juice Diary

One Day Pressed Juice Diary

Yesterday I popped into my local pressed juice store in Manly to pick up enough juices to last me one day. The fresh-faced shop assistant was very helpful in choosing the most effective juices for cleansing, rather than just ones that I thought looked yummy! I picked a couple of smoothies that sounded amazing, loaded with nuts, and fruits that tasted better than any kind of sugar-laden milk bar beverage. But she showed the basic sequence of juices for a one day cleanse and helped me pick the eight juices that I needed for adequate calorie consumption. It was super overpriced for a couple of bottles of juices, but Mum and I have been OBSESSED with the idea of cold pressed juices and we had to try it out just this once! 

Just to clarify before I get any accusations, I did not do a juice cleanse to "starve myself" or as a quick fix weight loss scheme. I did it to hit the reset button on my body which endured large doses of fast food, cakes and soft drinks over the holiday period. I was lacking energy, craving caffeine, not sleeping properly and getting bad late afternoon headaches. I was also washing my face more than three times a day because I could literally feel the oil from too many cheeseburgers leaking out of my pores. Gross, I know! 


0 7 : 0 9 - t h e  b l a c k  l e m o n a d e 

alkaline water / lemon / activated coconut / charcoal / cayenne pepper

It was sour and odd tasting but somewhat refreshing. Just tried not to concentrate on the taste too much! 

0 8 : 5 3 - s m o o t h  e n e r g y

coconut water / pineapple / banana / lettuce / coriander / kale / avocado / lime

It was the texture of a smoothie and because of the avocado, it was kind of creamy. It was pleasant tasting but not overly sweet. It wasn't as fruity as I expected it would be due to the banana and pineapple. It tastes more like someone has chucked your dinner in a blender.


1 0 : 0 1 - e a r t h  2

carrot / spinach / coriander / parsley

Can mainly taste the carrot, not as strong tasting as I expected which is good! 


12 : 04 - g r e e n s  3

apple / cucumber / lettuce / celery / spinach / kale / lemon / parsley / ginger

It tastes slightly sweet but the vegetable taste is strong. I loved the subtle hint of ginger!


13 : 4 2 - e a r t h  1

beetroot / spinach / carrot / celery / cucumber / lettuce / kale / parsley 

Tastes mainly of beetroot but it wasn't overbearing. 


16 : 2 7 - z e s t  4

cucumber / pineapple / coconut / lemon

When I was choosing my zest juice, I was pretty skeptical. Why on earth would I spend money on lemon, cayenne pepper, and water? The shop assistant said that the benefits of it being "cold pressed" made it superior to juices made at home. Whatever. Still skeptical. I chose this zest juice because I love the ingredients in it. It was delicious and refreshing - the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon by the pool!


1 9 : 2 1 - s t r a w b e r r y  m y l k

strawberry / almond mylk / cashew cream / vanilla bean


The mylk is supposed to be your "dinner" for the day. There was only one date mylk left in the shop, that would be my first choice - it was delicious!! But I gave the date one to Mum and I went for my second choice which was the strawberry mylk. It tastes great, don't get me wrong but after juicing all day the last thing you feel like is more fruit. It was still very enjoyable, though! 


2 2 : 5 7 - t h e  s l i p p e r y  e l m

alkaline water / licorice root / chia seed / marshmallow root / cinnamon / slippery elm 


Okay, so this one you really need to hold your nose and skull! If I describe it it sounds good, it's sweet and tastes like cinnamon. But it's gross and filled with slimy chia seeds. I'm just warning you! But I'm sure it did my digestive system good! 


I felt so good after the cleanse. I had so much more energy and I wasn't relying on caffeine to give me energy. Mum felt the opposite, she had a killer headache in the afternoon and couldn't even finish a day of juices. I guess different bodies react differently. For me, it is something I would do again (probably a DIY not a bought one) but no longer than one day. I felt that it was the perfect amount of time and I felt uplifted and energized not tired and drained.

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