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Today Was Magical

Today Was Magical


Although my dreams, goals and 'bucket list' have changed dramatically as I have grown up. Disneyland was a place that captured my fancy as a child and never lost its appeal. For years, I dreamed of experiencing the rides, the parades, the castle and the magic of this world-renowned theme park.

Disneyland is the brainchild of Walt Disney himself, who from this "whole new world" in Southern California would create characters, movies, moments that would embed themselves into the hearts of children and adults alike, all over the world.

The early morning shuttle arrived at our Anaheim timeshare. We wanted to get to the theme park early to make the absolute most of the day. We got the passes for Disneyland as well as California Adventure Park. From there, it was all go.

I visited the parks with some pretty serious Disneyers who have visited the park more times than they can count on their fingers and even went on a Disney cruise for their honeymoon, so they definitely knew their stuff!! This was awesome because it meant the I pretty much got a VIP tour. They knew all the quirky little facts about things around the park and had mastered the art of FastPasses. They showed me some of the "hidden Mickey's" around the park and made me aware of the ducks of Disneyland, who like Karl, the San Francisco fog, even have their own Instagram Page!

I'm not going to go into any kind of in depth explanation of every ride, but they are completely awe-inspiring. The amount of work and attention to detail in the rides is mind-blowing! It's something that you really need to experience for yourself, something you should definitely add to your bucket list!


We were lucky enough to visit at a time when Disney were celebrating both Christmas, and their Diamond Celebration of 60 wonderful years. The place was absolutely decked out. There were Christmas parades and events throughout the day but nothing came close to the Paint the Night Parade.

 As the sun set on that flawless day in late fall, the Main Street was swamped by park goers eager and excited to get a glimpse of the colourful floats, the bright lights, and the dancers as their favourite characters paraded down the street

As the parade draws to an end, the spectators flood into the middle of the street for the greatly anticipated fireworks over the castle. I stood there, bubbling with excitement as a sobering announcement blared across the speakers."Something something, blah, blah ... due to strong winds, the fireworks tonight have been......" Don't say it! Don't you even dare! Cancel the fireworks any other day but not today! Dude! It isn't even windy, What the heck!?!

".... delayed"


For a couple of minutes, we joked about the winds so "strong" that the flag on the flagpole wasn't even blowing. Suddenly,  the sky lit up with a display of flashing lights and the sound of Disney classics blasted through the speakers. The moment I had waited for was finally here! I couldn't contain my beaming smile as the renowned castle shot colourful flames into the night sky. It was worth waiting for. It was magical!

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