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Girls' Weekend in Queenstown

Girls' Weekend in Queenstown

On Friday, at 11am, I handed in my last exam for the year.

Hello freedom! I now have no classes, essays, exams or assignments until the beginning of March! 

As well as being the end of the uni year, it is also almost my bestie's birthday, and what better way to celebrate than getting the girls together for a weekend away in Queenstown!

It was 9.30pm. Our flight which was scheduled to land at sunset but was about twenty minutes too late, There was a dark orangey hue on the mountains as we landed in this gem near the bottom of the South Island.

Fast-forward to 11pm. The girls and I are relaxed in the spa without a care in the world .. except working out how we will make it from the warm spa back inside in the frosty air!

We didn't try to jam in a tonne of sightseeing and touristy kinda stuff because this weekend was purely about quality time with some quality chicas.

Here are some of the highlights from our weekend.


Beautifully situated on the edge of Lake Wakatipu and just a short walk from the centre of town lies The Bathhouse. It is exactly what the name says, an old-fashioned bathhouse that has been turned into a stunning cafe. The food here is always spot on and they even know how to do an ice long black properly (my ritual summer coffee order) AND they serve it with a jaffa too!

One of our crew was an Arrowtown native and insisted that we make the trip to this gorgeous little town for lunch at the Chop Shop Food Merchants. When we arrived, the place was jam-packed... but we endured a wait in the brisk (questionably spring) air. Soon enough, we were seated at a table, faced with the incredibly difficult challenge of deciding what we wanted to order from the menu which made everything sound so delectable! We all settled on three different dishes which were shared around the table; the Bang Bang Chicken Salad, the prawn rice paper rolls, and the undeniable favourite - the braised beef cheek, which I will probably dream about for the next week!

While we were in Arrowtown, we had to climb the water tower... for old times sake. This place has such an incredible view and is the perfect place to hang out, dance and rap like nobody is watching you.... the only problem is people ARE watching you. The water tower is in a pretty conspicuous spot... Oh well, nobody knows who we are anyway!

Hours, and hours, and hours. The perfect escape from the Queenstown chill made complete with cheese and homemade cocktails. The only downside was the run from the warmth of the spa back into the house through the chilling night air!

The road to Glenorchy has to be the most stunning stretch of road that I have ever driven on.... ever! It reminds me of why I am proud to be from New Zealand, even if I am from the opposite end of the country to this little piece of paradise. Speaking of Paradise, there is this GORGEOUS place in Glenorchy called Paradise that you can also drive through, and you totally should because it will take your breath away!

Cold ice cream in the freezing cold (well not really freezing unless you grew up in Sydney like I did!). Sounds like a great idea right? Well, it was, even for us cold-a-phobics because the views were stunning and the ice-cream from Mrs Ferg Gelataria was delicious! Mrs Ferg is part of the Ferg Empire that pretty much run Queenstown but seriously anything made by Ferg Bakery, Ferg Burgers or Mrs Ferg Gelataria is the bomb.

Minus 5, or Below Zero? Not sure what felt colder but they were both pretty COOL! Both of Queenstown's ice bars do cocktails in ice cups, in bars that are completely made out of ice. The best part though, is smashing your ice glass once you are done with it!

When the sky glows with streaks of orange and you go all warm and fuzzy on the inside and start appreciating everyone and everything and just life in general. Life is good, and I am so lucky to do it with people like these.

We chose to go paragliding because we wanted to do something "adventurey" in Queenstown - the adventure capital of the world, but all the Skydiving and Bungy jumping places were booked out. If you are planning a trip to Queenstown, book things EARLY if you want to get in! Nonetheless, paragliding swiftly off the edge of Coronet Peak with 360 views of the Central Otago region had to be one of the most beautiful and relaxing experiences ever.

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