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Major Sprout

Major Sprout

Modern, upmarket and certainly sophisticated, this café has without a 'sprout' become a favorite of mine! 

I had heard quite a few people rave about this Grahame Street café, the latest brainchild of the very people that blessed Auckland with Dear Jervois in Herne Bay, so my expectations were pretty high! 

Dear Jervois is a bit of a go-to of mine, especially when I am trying to show off Auckland to out of town visitors.

While Dear Jervois feels homely, Major Sprout has a more industrial chic kind of feel, that suits it's central city surroundings.

It is different to my beloved Dear Jervois.... but I like it! I like it a lot!  

In fact, I liked it as soon as I walked in.
The space is open and light, with a professional and polished and hints of vibrant greenery. 

The place is buzzing with the prim and proper, the suave and sophisticated.

The cleanly-shaved men converse with smartly-dressed women over 'Veal-Katsu Cristo', 'Sous Vide Chicken' and lattes in all colours of the rainbow. 

There is a cabinet full of baked goods as well as not so baked goods from the Raw Kitchen. 

I was almost enticed to eat out of the cabinet but then I saw some of the food being carried out.

It was not just food, but art! 

The plating of the food is exciting and inventive. 

It almost looks to pretty to stick a fork into..... but Oh my! When you do ... the food tastes just as good as it looks! 

Kristina and I visited Major Sprout somewhere between breakfast and lunch time this morning. 

Major Sprout has a breakfast and a lunch menu. 

We couldn't decide which menu to order off, so we ordered off both.

The waiter said that there is not a single thing on either menu that he could fault, that must be true because I have never heard a bad review of this place.

The majority of the foods are very healthy with a few exceptions. We ordered the exception! For our breakfasty food, we ordered buttermilk pancakes with almond mascarpone, butterscotch and toasted marshmallow, perfectly embellished with freeze dried berries, crunchy granola and fairy floss... because fairy floss for breakfast is ALWAYS a good idea.

We also ordered the green dumplings, which the friendly waiter recommended. They were plump, stuffed full of a house-made pork, tofu and chive filling in jus and sesame oil, topped with crispy shallots.

They really don't skimp on quality here. The water is sparking, the presentation is impeccable and the food is delicious.

From the beautifully swirled latte art, to the dried fruit they serve on the cold pressed juices, to the artisan maple syrup they serve with the pancakes, there has clearly been a lot of attention put in to every little detail. 

For such an exquisite place, I was really quite surprised with the prices which are pretty standard for any average café in Auckland. This is definitely a café I will go back to and one that I would highly recommend.

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