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Hello Welly

Hello Welly

While Wellingtonians tend to hate on us Auckland inhabitants,  (or 'Jafas' - an abbreviation meaning Just Another F***ing Aucklander!), we generally don't waste our time even thinking about Wellington. 

Before I went to Wellington, I knew two things about it; it is the capitol and it is windy.

Sounds like a pretty darn boring city to me.

And so I never made the effort to go.

Until one day I did....

And I realised that Wellington is a SERIOUSLY underrated city,

And dare I say it... Like a thousand times cooler than Auckland!

This morning Holly and I caught the Interislander Ferry from Picton in the South Island to Wellington in the North Island.

The departure was stunning as we drifted slowly away from the South Island, but three hours later the long ferry ride has us sick with cabin fever, twiddling our thumbs as we anxiously awaited our arrival.

We were picked up by a friend at the Ferry Terminal and were quickly whisked away to explore the city centre. We visited the waterfront and the quirky little hub of insanely trendy people that is Cuba Street.

As the sun started to set, we proceeded up hilly, cable cart lined streets that were very resemblant of San Francisco to the suburb of Brooklyn for the perfect sunset and dinner with friends.

The next morning we went for a stroll down Marine Parade from Seatoun to Scorching Bay for breakfast at the Insta-famous Scorch-O-Rama cafe.

After breakfast, it was time to get back on the road again. But we couldn't quite kiss Wellington goodbye without first trying their coffee (iced long black of course!).

With only one night spent in Wellywood, I didn't have time to thoroughly explore and discover the ins and outs, the nooks and crannies of this stunning city to share with you.

Oh well, I guess thats just an excuse for another trip down very soon!

Moral of the story is just that Wellington is just really, incredibly, awesomely cool.

The End.

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