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Silver & Gold

Silver & Gold

Every cloud has a silver lining.

But sometime's you just so happen to stumble upon the pot of the gold at the end of the rainbow!

With next to no sleep and an abundance of deadlines on the horizon, this weeks forecast was looking pretty grey.

Down here in New Zealand, we have just switched out clocks back an hour, farewelling daylight savings, the last reminiscent of summer before the dreaded cold snap. They days are getting shorter, but they are getting so much longer. As the semester starts to sink in, sleep is replaced by coffee, and living is replaced by simply functioning. 

I know that this cloud will soon pass and I am holding on to the silver lining; the hope of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Yesterday, however, I stumbled upon the most stunning double rainbow that seemed to kiss the ground in front of me. It was one of those moments that just make things click back into place. 

In the chaos of this season, I have become so caught up in tasks and todo's that I have closed my curtains to the rainbows. Rainbows go often unnoticed, hidden behind umbrellas or ignored in the mad dash to avoid turning up somewhere looking like a drowned rat.

Rainbows are the little surprises and unexpected blessings in life. For me this week, these have been simple things like free coffee, random street breakdancing competitions or stumbling upon out of town friends. They are the people, places and moments that leave you captivated by their beauty.

The pots of gold are the wealth that you take away from these rainbows. A wealth that is not monetary but is so much richer. They are things like laughter, memories, and friendship; they are the gumboots that make the rain just that little bit magical!

I challenge you to make a conscious effort this week to notice the silver linings to your clouds, and hopefully, you stumble across some rainbows too!

Meanwhile, I will be basking in the pot of gold that is actual sleep after two days without it!

Goodnight y'all!


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