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Wolfe and Co.

Wolfe and Co.

Having grown up in Sydney's Hills District, I get super duper excited every time I hear that something "cool" has opened up there.

I did my final two years of school in the Northern Beaches where my friends would constantly joke about the "boring" Hills District which is known for Castle Towers Shopping Center and retirement villages.

For a place with not a whole lot to do, the Hills District is coming alive with new and trendy places to eat popping up everywhere.

Earlier this week, my dad (from whom I inherited my love for food) showed me an Instagram he had seen of the most drool-inducing Banoffee French Toast.

Today, we drove down the road from Dad's place to Wolfe and Co. , the new kid on the block that is transforming the cafe scene in our beloved little Dural in the rural outskirts of the Hills.

Situated on Old Northern Road, this cafe is minimalist, sophisticated and monochromatic in decor but vibrant an experimental with their food.

We took a seat at what the waiter coined the "Instagram Table", with black and white hexagonal tiles, that is often used to create the perfect foodie flat-lay.

Well if this is the instagram table, then I am certainly seated at the right place.

There is a saying that some people eat with their eyes first... I eat with my phone first, then my eyes.... but how could you not when the food looks almost too good to eat!

"Am I allowed to eat yet?", Dad asked as I snapped away at the masterpieces that lay before our eyes.

The banoffee French toast takes the cafe's signature crème brûlée toast to a whole nother level. It is topped with a caramelised banana, gingerbread cream, banana jam, caramelised popcorn and dulce de leche.

That looks pretty good to a sweet tooth like me.

.... and it tasted even better!

A Ve(ry) Nice Day

A Ve(ry) Nice Day

Soul Food

Soul Food