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Reflecting on the Year That Was

Reflecting on the Year That Was

I promised myself that I wouldn't post anything super lame and cheesy this new year but I'm up late and looking back and reflecting on the year that has just passed and I just couldn't help it.

So here's to a year of laughter, adventure, spontaneity, attitude adjustments and insane blessings. 

Here's to a year of new and strengthened friendships.

A year of countless coffee hangs and many failed attempts and mastering the art of espresso. 

Here's to a year of deciding to switch lanes, from aiming to become a journalist, to choosing to major in advertising.

A year of pulling all-nighters to finish assignments and watch pretty sunrises. 

Here is to climbing the scaffolding of buildings, jumping fences of music festivals and ordering 7 colouring packs from hotel receptions.

A year of traveling abroad and falling even more in love with my homeland. Here is to completely obliterating my savings account (oops!).

Here's to deep conversations. A year of belting out shallow and meaningless song lyrics (I got hot sauce in my bag, swag).

Here's to a year of baking a million and one cakes.

A year of trying to balance my love for sweet food by going to the gym but no being able to work out because;
a. I forgot my shoes
b. It is 2am, not 5am and the gym is closed and I got dressed and drove all the way there.
c. My phone and car keys are "stolen", but two weeks later, after reporting it to the police and starting an insurance claim were found in the lining of my gym bag! 
d. Everyone is intimidating so I'm just going to leave.

Here's to my Equippers Church family all around the world.

Here's to a year of working for a family who have become my second family. 

Here's to another year of living with my grandparents and being inspired on the daily by the lives that they live and my brother who sleeps all day. Here's to my incredible extended family who get letters neighbours telling us to shut up! 

Here's to this song which I played on repeat this year and to Chance the Rapper who got a shout out at our family Christmas.

Here's to the best year of my life this far and here is to 2017!

Oh... and here are some photos of my New Year's celebrations on Waiheke Island!



Sunrise at the Crossing

Sunrise at the Crossing