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Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle

Known for cosy weather, grungy hipsters, lush green surrounds, good coffee and sleepless nights - I don’t think I’d ever tire of a city like Seattle! 


This stunning city in the Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest state of Washington. If I could describe this city in one word, it would be “fresh”. Restaurants serve seasonal local produce, baristas grind house-roasted beans, the markets are lined with vibrant, blooming bouquets and the air carries the fragrance scent of pine trees. As well as taking advantage of the abundance of the city’s glorious natural surroundings, this city boasts a freshness in the way that it is forward-thinking and innovative. It’s home to some booming tech startups as well as some serious corporate players such as Starbucks, Amazon. 

I was only in town for a day, while passing through on tour with a band, who were playing at The Crocodile. So, excuse the eye-bags and the cliché but I was LITERALLY “Sleepless in Seattle”. 


Here’s what I got up to in my short time in Seattle: 


This community-focused and sustainable restaurant in Belltown sources 90% of its ingredients from within a 360-mile radius. They serve beautifully plated, wholesome food in a rustic and homely setting. This restaurant was highly recommended by one of the tour crew who said it was his favourite restaurant on the West Coast. It was a far cry from drive-thru food that we’d been eating up until this point and greatly appreciated! We got there just in time for happy hour. I ordered the clams with chorizo and pickled peppers and devilled eggs.


A true Seattle icon, Pike Place Market brings hundreds of farmers, artisans, craftsmen and vendors together by the Elliott Bay waterfront. Established in 1907, it is the oldest continually operating farmers market in the country. It is a feast for the senses. With buckets of bright bouquets, an urban garden, piled-high produce and counters of freshly baked pastries beckoning me - I could have spent my entire day in Seattle at the market alone! Just across from the market is Post Alley - a super cute fairy light-lit street that is worth a wander while you’re in the area.


Talk to me a year ago, and I'd tell you that I’d never step foot in a Starbucks store. Downunder, we have world-class coffee that American coffee just cannot compete with. However, I have been here for over six months now and I am starting to lower my coffee snob-ish standards.

I first admitted that Starbucks was a guilty pleasure of mine when I tried their Christmas drinks back in December. I only really drink Starbucks now if I’m at an airport, train station or on the road. It has become a travel ritual, I guess. So, I popped down to the original Starbucks store in the Pike Place Market to see where this famous, yet infamous coffee corporation began. There were queues for days and the coffee was still, well, Starbucks! But it was a totally worthwhile experience to see the humble home of the queen of commercial coffee.


While the band had soundcheck, I was virtually useless, so I headed up to Kerry Park in the Queen Anne neighbourhood for some sweeping views of the skyline. Just a 15 minute drive from the city centre, this park has unsurpassed views of Elliott Bay and you’ll see the Space Needle shining in all of its glory. Apparently, you can see out to Mount Rainier on a clear day but in true Seattle style, I caught it on a gloomy one.


Perched 12 stories above downtown Seattle, atop of the Thompson hotel, this rooftop bar looks out over Elliot Bay, Pike Place Markets, the Ferris wheel and out to the Olympic Mountain Range. The lounge itself is very sleek and stylish. I sat on the outside terrace and enjoyed a "Seattle Basic" coffee and Irish whiskey craft cocktail beside the fire pit.

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